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A gene is made up of a chain of deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), which forms the blueprint for encoding one or more gene products. For genes that produce proteins, they are called protein-encoding genes. A single gene may code for multiple protein isoforms due to alternative splicing. Because genes and proteins are closely related, a collection of Entrez Gene records is stored in the wiki to augment the protein data. A gene page has the "EntrezGene: prefix followed by the gene's EntrezGene identifier as its page title. A list of all the gene pages can be found on the Category:Genes page, which can be accessed by clicking Genes under Browse in the navigation menu.

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Page Details

Only basic information about the gene is shown in the wiki. A link is available on each gene page for you to see the complete gene record at the Entrez Gene web site. The following information are available on a gene page (Figure 1):

  • Official symbol and name - At the top of the page is the official symbol and name of the gene.
  • Aliases - Any other names that are used to refer to the gene.
  • Organism - The origin of this gene.
  • Taxonomic lineage - The taxonomic hierarchical classification lineage of the source organism.
  • Chromosome location - The gene's address on a chromosome. The location is usually made up of three parts: The chromosome, the arm of the chromosome, and the band position of the gene on the arm starting from the centromere. For example, the location for mucin 7 is 4q13.3, meaning that the gene is located at position 13.3 on the long arm (q) of chromosome 4.
  • Summary - A text description about the gene, including its cellular location, its function, and its effect on phenotype.
  • Gene products - A list of all the proteins in the wiki that are encoded by this gene. This list is generated dynamically using semantic queries.

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A gene page.
Fig. 1: Basic information about a gene can be found on its EntrezGene page.
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